Explicit Acts

Explicit Acts is a video-work, a montage of non-explicit scene segments taken from typical and recognizable conventional commercial pornographic videos. Segments that are used leave out the scenes of sexual intercourse and only show an interim which connects explicit scenes or leads to them. 
At first glance it seems that the video shows a series of completely innocent and ordinary acts and behaviors but the viewer’s existing experience imposes an expectation regarding the direction of these acts. Because of that, the viewer recognizes himself as being referred to the dramaturgy of porn genre. The fact that just on basis of the esthetics, the way of acting and clothing, it is clear what it’s about, clearly reveals the degree of overflowing the media sphere with pornographic content, with which almost everyone has met in some way. By omitting “the main thing” which the played scenes are the introduction for, the viewer is put into a state of waiting, and then displeasure as there is no culmination of the narrative with the explicit sexual scenes. 
This perverted view which these kind of moving images imply, can’t be avoided nor hidden which puts the viewer in a state of moral tension.
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