Artist book, dimensions 145x200mm, hand bookbinding.

Technique: mixed media (screen printing, etching, embroidery, hand painting)

Co-created with the collective "Лeζotרes" ( Yingda Dong, Christine Ivanov, Dages Juvelier Keates, Amit Leblang, Anat Martkovich, Tijana Petrović, Vasiliki Stasinaki)

Printed in Frans Masereel, 2022

a search for old, new, present, past, future,

the things that stay with the things that leave

(un)commoning our stories

a heritage shared (without exposure)

This book is a result of collective thinking and working with our majority-immigrant cohort that was born in seven countries, and collectively holds a panoply of lived experiences, languages, and identities. The approach of making such a project required experimenting with aesthetics that privilege the periphery, looking at outsider art and other self-grown methods of both artistic fecundity and resistance. We were looking beyond dominant traditions of artistic printing techniques and traditions (e.g. editions, ownership), revisiting ideas around beauty, form and power relations.

The book’s ownership is masked, as it follows how ideas morph and migrate. The contributions allow for a certain opacity, as the responsibility of sharing images, words, and results is shared among the collective.

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