What Should an Eastern European Artist be Like?

The work “What should an Eastern European artist be like?” is a multi-channel video installation which juxtaposes three video recordings of psychotherapy sessions.
During a stay in Poreč on a project called “The artist on vocation” which is organized by a collector, a question was raised: “what should an Eastern European artist be like?” followed by a suggestion that an artwork could be made based on it.
This work presents a result of painful thinking about this question. Three videos show three therapies with three differently oriented therapists. 
The orientations are: Gestalt therapy, psychoanalysis therapy and behaviorism therapy.
The same problem was presented in each of these therapies which required a solution or just an advice from different therapists. The problem was: the lack of inspiration for an artwork and stress that was caused by it.
This work gives an answer to the question: “what should an Eastern European artist be like?”, but it does that on multiple levels. Firstly, the artist is giving her thoughts and attitudes on this topic through the therapies, then the therapists give their own opinions, and lastly exposing herself as an Eastern European artist, the author gives a possible answer.
Not only does the act of going to these psychotherapies show an artist in crisis, but also it problematizes and critiques a position of the artist in relation to a collector’s expectations.
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